A Holistic Approach to Supporting Sleep for Breastfeeding Dyads


Comprehensive & Dyad-focused


Providing CEUs & L-CERPs for Healthcare Professionals

IBLCE Long-Term Provider

4.25 L-CERPs

Infant sleep and feeding are so intertwined that it is impossible to separate the two.



Learn to navigate sleep in a way that is responsive and aligned with your client's parenting values

Sleep & Breastfeeding Learning Objectives


Participants will be able to:

  • List assessment tools that can aid in assessing areas of need for mother-baby sleep.
  • Summarize healthy sleep hygiene for babies.
  • Analyze information from sleep assessment in order to determine the most appropriate interventions to optimize baby's sleep
  • Recognize biologically and developmentally appropriate infant sleep patterns
  • Examine differences in medical history that contribute to sleep disruption
  • Criticize current sleep recommendations and approaches based on available evidence
  • Summarize holistic, client-centered strategies to improve mothers' sleep
  • List bedsharing safety recommendations.
  • Identify the factors that contribute to postpartum mood & anxiety disorders.
  • Recognize the impact that sleep location and responsiveness has on breastfeeding outcomes

Timed Agenda

There’s no need to guess when it comes to what this sleep and breastfeeding course… the timed agenda is below. 


 1 minute

  • Disclosures

Sleep Foundations

Part 1

 39 minutes

  • OT's Role in Sleep
  • The Development of Sleep
  • Naps & Wake Windows
  • Tired Cues

Sleep Foundations

Part 2

30 minutes

  • Sleep Phases & Cycles
  • Self-regulation
    & Co-regulation
  • Red flags & Referrals

Maternal Mental Health

 19 minutes

  • Sleep in the Postpartum Period

Sleep & Breastfeeding

Literature Review

31 minutes

  • AAP Recommendations
  • Critique of Studies

Sleep Assessment

Part 1

 28 minutes

  • Identifying Areas of Need
  • Common Areas of Need for Each Part of Dyad

Sleep Assessment

Part 2

 20 minutes

  • Case Study 1
  • Case Study 2
  • Case Study 3



27 minutes

  • Sleep Education
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Lifestyle Modification
  • Areas of Referral


Baby Part 1

28 minutes

  • Sleep Location
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Feeding
  • Sleep Associations


Baby Part 2

34 minutes

  • Common Specific Sleep Challenges: "Fighting Sleep", Frequent Waking, Short Naps, Sleep Progressions, and more!

This is a self-paced, online continuing education course. You can pause, replay, and watch the videos as many times as you’d like. We know caseloads fluctuate, so we give you access to the course for 6-months so you can refer back to it the next time you are supporting a family who is seeking more support with sleep.


Responsive infant sleep is misunderstood by many healthcare professionals


This course is for you if you want to learn more to support families with sleep

Earn CEUs & L-CERPs while expanding your knowledge infant sleep.


Instructor: Taylor Kulik, OTR

Taylor Kulik is an occupational therapist who has specialized training in infant & child sleep, breastfeeding, pelvic health, and perinatal health, and she has completed Postpartum Support International’s Two-Day Certification of Completion Program in Perinatal Mood Disorders: Components of Care. Taylor combines all of this training to comprehensively and holistically help the entire family thrive. Taylor is also certified as a Baby-Led Sleep & Well-being Specialist and helps support children and families to get more sleep through relationships and connection, without any sleep training. Taylor provides education and support to families through virtual courses, webinars, and a podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this infant sleep course for?

  • Occupational Therapy Practitioners (OT & OTA)
  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC)
  • Speech Language Pathologist (SLP & SLP-A)
  • Physical Therapy Practitioners (PT & PTA)


What makes this CEU course different?

This course does not promote a specific technique of sleep for breastfeeding dyads but focuses on the needs of the family and the potential impact on the breastfeeding relationship.


Are there prerequisites for this course?

There are no required prerequisites. 


Can I count this course towards my 90 hours of lactation-specific education? Or to renew my lactation credential?

Absolutely! This course is approved for 4.25 L-CERPs. To receive credit for completion, the course must be completed with 100% watch time and each participant will need to complete a post-assessment with a passing score of at least 80% to ensure all learning objectives are met.


Information about AOTA CEUs

This course is approved for 0.425 AOTA CEUs for occupational therapy practitioners. Participants will be required to:

  • Complete the course in its entirety (100% of the course watched)
  • Complete a multiple-choice post-assessment with a passing score of at least 80% (untimed, multiple choice test)


Information about ASHA CEUs

This course is available for 0.45 ASHA CEUs for speech-language pathologists beginning October 6, 2023To receive ASHA CEUs, participants will be required to:

  •  Ensure you are eligible to receive ASHA CEUs! Click here for more information
  • Complete the course in its entirety (watch time is tracked by the learning management system) 
  • Read required PDF attachments
  • Complete the multiple-choice post-assessment with a passing score of at least 80% (untimed test, 3 retakes)
  • There is no option for partial credit


How long will I have access to the course?

6 months from the purchase date. 


What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Refunds must be requested within 14 days of purchase by emailing [email protected]. A full refund is available if no modules have been started. A partial refund is available once ANY portion of the course has been viewed. The amount refunded is at the sole discretion of The Lactation OT LLC. There is no refund available after 14 days of purchase OR if module one has been completed. Recipients will receive acknowledgment of refund requests within 3 business days. If the request is valid per the terms listed above, the refund will be processed within 7 business days. If for any reason the course is canceled by The Lactation OT before the course is started, a full refund will be provided. 


How do I request special accommodation?

Please send us an email at [email protected] at least 14 days before starting the course with further details of your request.

Both mother and baby are equal in the dyad and one person’s needs do not have to be sacrificed. This course offers assessment and intervention for both parts of the dyad.



Providing lactation-specific continuing education and resources to OT, SLP, PT, IBCLCs, and healthcare professionals is our mission. Your tiniest clients depend on you to provide the most effective, evidence-based care possible — we’re here to help. 

Together we can continue to raise the level of care in lactation and infant feeding. Thanks for joining us.