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Lactation-specific continuing education for OT, SLP, PT, IBCLC, and healthcare professionals.


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OT, SLP, or PT interested in lactation? 

We've curated a free guide to help you get started! Simple steps to lead you in the right direction to practice lactation-informed therapist or pursue advanced lactation credentials.


S T A R T  H E R E  -  F R E E  C E U

A FREE CEU course taught by multiple professionals to show how working with breastfeeding dyads fits into the OT, SLP, and PT scope of practice. What you need to feel confident to get started — and how to get more training if you choose to specialize in this unique area of practice.

The Occupational Therapist's Role in Breastfeeding



The Speech-Language Pathologist's Role in Breastfeeding



The Physical Therapist's Role in Breastfeeding



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We're Dairian & Marissa.

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Co-Founders: Dairian Roberts, MS, OTR/L, CLEC, IBCLC, NCS & Marissa Yahil, MSOT, OTR/L, CBS, IBCLC

The Lactation OT was founded in 2020 to create continuing education opportunities and resources for therapists that highlight the unique and special bond of the breastfeeding dyad. The platform was curated to ensure that courses provide evidence-based, therapeutic interventions to prolong the breastfeeding relationship. We desire to build a community of highly specialized and passionate therapists that are dedicated to helping families reach their feeding goals.

What Other Therapists are Saying...

"I'm so thankful Marissa & Dairian have worked so hard to get these kinds of educational opportunities out into the OT world. The Lactation OT is such a great resource & breastfeeding continuing education opportunities that are geared directly towards OT is so needed!"

Jocelyn, OT's Role in Breastfeeding

"I have been a practicing OT in pediatrics and the NICU setting for many years and this has been one of the most comprehensive, applicable 'conferences'/webinars that I have been able to participate in. I would highly recommend it. Thank you!"

Loren, Tongue Ties, Breastfeeding, and the Lactation Savvy Therapist


Lactation CEU for OT, SLP, and PT

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