H  E  R  E  '  S    W  H  A  T ' S    I  N C L U D E D

01 | Supporting Oral Motor Skills in the Infant: Assessment, Adaptation, and Remediation


This course will provide an overview of infant oral anatomy, oral motor development, and the acquisition of strong, efficient feeding skills. Instructors critically review the current literature available regarding oral stimulation. Therapists are provided with a toolkit (including oral motor treatment ideas, oral motor assessment forms, and more) to help their clients improve their oral motor skills and progress toward efficient oral feeding.

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02 | Tongue Ties, Breastfeeding, and the Lactation Savvy Therapist


This course provides an overview of the therapist’s role and the variety of healthcare professionals involved in the treatment of oral ties, explores the myths & controversies regarding the identification and treatment of oral ties, a breakdown of the most up-to-date research regarding infants and ties, discussion of oral assessment, observations, and the impact of oral dysfunction on breastfeeding, as well as guidance on how to effectively educate and guide families in order to achieve their goals and optimize outcomes.

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