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01 | Introduction to Breastfeeding for the Lactation-Informed Therapist


By the end of this course, you’ll understand the role of the therapist in lactation, the difference in scope of practice, the anatomy and physiology of milk production, positioning, proper latch mechanics, and counseling skills.

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02 | Bodywork for Better Breastfeeding: Hands-on Modalities to Improve Feeding Readiness and Outcomes


Infant massage is an effective intervention to improve stress and sleep, facilitate weight gain and growth, and assist with transitioning between states of arousal, especially in the context of feeding readiness. In this course, you’ll learn the benefits, indications and contraindications of infant massage, and the importance of facilitating smooth state transitions in infants for better breastfeeding outcomes. Most importantly, you’ll gain hands-on skills and confidence in the art and practice of infant massage. You’ll also gain insights into providing parent education so your therapeutic impact lasts long after your treatment session ends.

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03 | Bodywork for Better Breastfeeding: A comprehensive therapeutic massage course for the breastfeeding body


This course provides a strong foundation for the application of numerous tools and modalities available. Not only will this course cover general bodywork, but many advanced skills. Build upon the knowledge in Bodywork for Better Breastfeeding Part I and provide, comprehensive, holistic, family-centered treatment to improve and prolong the breastfeeding relationship.

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