Did you miss the Virtual Summit?

The Lactation OT hosted a virtual summit June 22-26, 2020. It was wildly popular, with over 1,000 professionals in attendance!


Summit Interviews

  • Origins of Tummy Time! Method + Body Systems and Impact on Oral Function with Michelle Emanuel
  • Growing a Community Practice: Milk Banking, WIC, and more with Kara Michael
  • OT’s Role in NICU for Beginners with Kelly Andrasik McLeod
  • Early Intervention and Private Practice + Importance of Mentorship with Meredith Caines Pollaro
  • Lactation and Infant Feeding Private Practice + Intro to Tethered Oral Tissues with Jeanne Pichoff
  • The Role of Reflexes and the Sensory System in Lactation with Sipporah Tracer
  • OT in Women’s Health and Virtual Services with Melissa LaPointe
  • Leveraging Social Media Platforms for Online Business with Nekole Eaton
  • A Special NICU Story: The History of OT in Lactation and Infant Feeding with Lynn Wolf
  • The History and Future of The Lactation OT with Dairian Roberts + Marissa Yahil 


With the All Access Pass, you’ll receive:

Access to all 10 interviews for 8 months! 
(watch as many times as you want at a good time for you)
✓ BONUS VIDEO: Optimal timing of release by Michelle Emanuel
✓ BONUS VIDEO: Leveraging the online space: One idea to get you started by Melissa LaPointe
✓ BONUS VIDEO: Insider Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Audience by Nekole Eaton
✓ BONUS VIDEO: Maternal, Paternal, and Infant Mental Health by Apple Sepulveda

✓ Template: How to Reach Out to Potential Mentors
✓ Template: Pediatrician Report✓ Checklist: Mom and Baby TOTs Symptoms
✓ Handout: “3 lessons” our Summit Guests learned the hard way so you can learn from their mistakes 
 Handout: Resources on How to Get Started in the NICU
✓ Handout: Helpful “Tech” for Running an Online Business
✓ Handout: Creating a Mental Health Protocol + List of Resources